So I ship GSR like many of y’all however I also secretly ship Sara and Catherine. And I just made these 3 gifs from some videos, and a fan fiction popped into my head. Thing is I don’t wanna write it and nobody reads it. SO what do you guys think?

[Posted March 17th, 2013 at 2:39 PM]
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    I think there is no need to ship CSR in secret (I do openly & proudly) & we desperately need new fanfic!
  6. fuckyeahmelissaetheridge answered: CSR will always be my #1 CSI ship!
  7. storiesthatstayedwithyou answered: I’LL READ IT! :)
  8. ishouldaknownbetter said: im a huge GSR supporter but… well if there had never been GSR, i mean never existed from the begining, I woulda given a chance to ‘Sidlow’ pair =p
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